Exams Exams Exams

“Living in a bubble of safety, oblivious to the desolation of war, kids sit playing their shooter games for entertainment. Out there, these games become a visceral reality. The kid turns off his console after dying ten times, while the soldier is lifted away after dying once.” – Beginning of my second to last essay. Hoping for an A because I let my grade drop to a B+ and did not do the previous essay.

Started reading a new book. It’s excellent so far. Supposedly it has parts the fall short of expectations though. I expect to finish by tomorrow night. It’s not that long. Only like 300 pages.

I typed so much here. It only posted the title -_- I’m not retyping all of that.

First Time getting Shit Faced

“My dick’s Apollo and I’m about to land on your moon. I have a special trip to uranus.” -other drunk kid to me

First I’ll make a pros and cons list.


  • I only took off my pants once.
  • Shocking to everyone I was able to tell I shouldn’t have anymore and chilled out, while my shitfaced friend was begging for more and passed out multiple times. Basically I knew when to sit the fuck down.
  • I surprisingly was able to maintain coherent conversation with everyone. (According to others)
  • I never passed out. I feel rather fine aside from minor headache which headaches are the norm for me.
  • I never put out despite some’s efforts. Well, we were cock blocked twice so I guess maybe that’s a big contributor.
  • I just didn’t give a shit about stuff even when weighing the consequences.
  • I was more generous to people.
  • I could tell when I was beginning to get drunk and react.
  • I could still tell what they were doing and could reason. (They “tested” my level of intoxication.)
  • I made days for people.
  • I didn’t throw up.


  • I can’t fucking text drunk. I just lack all care for what I type and just assume they can figure out what I’m trying to lay out. It was especially worse cause we were all talking while I was trying to text so I cared even less about the texts.
  • I’m physically out of control. Although mentally I was there, still had self-control and stopped myself from things and turned down things etc.
  • Nausea. I hate nausea. He made me one of those personal pizzas because I was starving and basically empty stomach despite eating earlier.
  • People thinking they can get a little more out of me just because I can’t walk straight. Vulnerability
  • Saying things that are a little bit deeper than I’d normally share with people of such levels of friendship.

I was the drinking buddy. Fun stuff.He handed me the bottle and said go for it straight. Everyone else was saying no it’s awful etc. I had already drank it straight. I never mixed my own drink, only tried some of other’s. I thought it was really good. We’ll call this guy freeman since he’s not in high school. He wasn’t my type but he was alright. Considering the girls he’s had and the crowd hes in, he’s I guess hot to others. Eventually freeman puppy dogged me after the other guy who was escorting me around deemed me not as shitfaced like these other two and went to the tv. He made multiple attempts at things. Subtle though. So that I could choose. Talked about this bed and tried to lead on to laying on it but then someone came to see what we were doing. Funny thing. He knew who I was. ¬†We had math classes together in the past and he had recognized me. I didn’t remember him of course. I didn’t pay many of the upperclassmen much attention. Anyways he was getting in my space a lot. He had at one point said You’re lucky I’m a good guy because I would have grabbed that ass. I was I think leaning on the table. He played with my thighs though not cool. He kept telling me it was normal just muscle etc. He also inquired on my relationship status and dug deeper for info.

They tried to get her straight and made french fries of all things then tried to make us do that lady and the tramp move with the fries. We did. Got the fry met out lips in the middle. Then everything escalated. We eventually did french kissing and stuff. Kissed another kid I’ve known since elementary. Refused to kiss this guy who everyone wanted me to for some damn reason. Then kissed another guy out of pity. Fucking hilarious with the girl though. We both knew we’d kiss each other one day for some reason or another. She kept telling me I was a really good kisser, which didn’t help with all the guys wanting something.

The vanilla tasted alright, it was a weird flavour to me. I took home fruit punch I think or something. I forgot what freeman had in his pen he brought. It was strong though.

I guess I talked down my body a lot because I remember everyone being like no you’re perfect, you’re so beautiful, no you need to gain weight you’re like punching bone. I’m so fucking hungry. I’ve eaten so much already and we’re supposed to bbq in a bit over an hour. I think I acquired a new bruise. I have gotten 4 or 5 in under 2 weeks. One goes away and bam, new bruise somewhere else.

By the end of the night all the guys shirts were permanently off and we were all together laying under blankets cause we were cold.

Slut Fest

“You know (me)’s really smart. She can figure out how to do those things. If I did it, I’d look at the pieces and cry.”

I’m supposed to build some stuff for tomorrow.


“Hey what’s shakin bacon?”

“OOOO bacon sounds so good, why do you say that type of shit?!”

“Hahaha you sound like an obese person right now, chill.”


“Inglorious bastards had him in it.” -Teacher on one side of room

“WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?” -Obnoxious Kid on other side

“You heard me!” -Teacher


“Do you believe I used to snowboard?” -black kid

“Yeah why wouldn’t I? Are you a liar?”


“Are you trying to accuse me of racism?”


“Come on guys! We only have 4 minutes to stand by the door!!! HURRY HURRY HURRY!” -teacher


“Face that corner and feel our pain. Go. Face the heat. Breath into the corner and face it.”

“I just gave ya’ll study time and nobody did anything.”

“What we’re we supposed to read 5 chapters in 5 minutes? Would that change anything?”

“5 minutes can change your whole day A______! In 5 minutes you could brush your teeth!”

he got that hot breath